About Human Rights Vector NGO

Human Rights Vector NGO is focus on the educational direction. We are working with representatives of the courts, students, activists and the legal community. For example, in 2016, was created the first system training program for press secretaries of the courts and speaker judges "Communication tools in the work of Courts: Dialogue between court and community ", together with the Council of Judges of Ukraine, the Press Centre of Judiciary and the local Office of the Ebert Foundation in Ukraine. In 2016-2018, training was provided for employees of 323 courts in 20 regions of Ukraine, accounting for 48% of all courts in Ukraine.

We started our work with the creation of the "Trial in simple words" project in 2015, which is today the main focus of our activities. Human Rights Vector NGO and "Trial in simple words" project are working to protect the right to a fair trial. In particular, the right to a public hearing and the principle of publicity of litigation.

Thanks to the effective cooperation of civil society and judicial authorities, it has been possible to achieve that courts themselves record and broadcast court hearings for an unlimited number of people. And this is the first time in Ukraine and other countries. All videos can be viewed on the courts' websites and on the official YouTube channel "Judiciary of Ukraine"Human Rights Vector NGO is the only organization that actively develops this mechanism.

Such activity is carried out in cooperation with the judicial authorities. In particular, on November 29, 2016, the Council of Judges of Ukraine and  Human Rights Vector NGO signed a memorandum of cooperation. Human Rights Vector NGO became the first public organization to sign such memorandum with the Council of Judges of Ukraine. Information cooperation with the High Council of Justice was carried out under the "Trial in simple words" project: Commenting on judicial processes broadcast by court technical means as an innovative tool for ensuring the right to open hearings and the principle of publicity of the trial", which was carried out in 2017-2018 with the support of the American people, provided through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) under the "New Justice" program.

Human Rights Vector NGO is a human rights organization

Goalexercise and protection of fundamental freedoms and human rights through promotion of the norms and principles enshrined in international documents ratified by Ukraine and all other commitments of Ukraine in the field of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

31 March 2016 - Official registration

Key field of action:protection of the right to free trial in the framework of the project “Trial in simple words”