Education and awareness-raising events

Human Rights Vector NGO is focus on the educational direction. We are working with representatives of the courts, students, activists and the legal community. For example, in 2016, was created the first system training program for press secretaries of the courts and speaker judges "Communication tools in the work of Courts: Dialogue between court and community ", together with the Council of Judges of Ukraine, the Press Centre of Judiciary and the local Office of the Ebert Foundation in Ukraine. In 2016-2018, training was provided for employees of 323 courts in 20 regions of Ukraine, accounting for 48% of all courts in Ukraine. 

The mechanism for commenting on court broadcasts by court commentators from "Trial in simple words" from 2015  is an important aspect in protecting the right to open hearings, access to justice, and education is the development of.  Video commentaries help court commentators (lawyers, experts in the field of justice) explain to the audience the procedural aspects of broadcast by technical means of the courts. As of August 2018, the team of court commentators has 9 people who comment on different types of court proceedings. We have developed a unique training program for the preparation of court commentators, which was attended by 65 participants from 14 regions and Kyiv during 2016-2018.

Human Rights Vector NGO has developed a unique methodology for the use of video of court sessions broadcast by technical means of courts. Also, commentary on court sessions help the students on the training in law university. In 2018, were held 6 trial exercises. This university joined to development and testing of this technique: Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Academy of Advocacy of Ukraine, Kyiv University of Law of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
The publication "Using judicial broadcasts in the study of the law: methodical recommendations" was prepared and distributed.

The signing of a Memorandum of cooperation between Human Rights Vector NGO and Academy of Advocacy of Ukraine is a positive result of this activity.