Human Right Vector launches new project: 'Court Communications of War Crimes Cases'

Since its inception, the NGO Human Rights Vector has been working to ensure the right to a fair trial in Ukraine’s judicial system. This includes the right to open hearings, establishment of dialogue between the judiciary and the community, as well as the development of court communications procedures. We are also working to increase the capacity of courts and media in covering legal proceedings related to the Russian aggression against Ukraine. Since the start of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, thousands of new crimes have been registered, which are being or will be processed in the courts. The number of crimes is only growing, as is the importance of communications. 
In the summer of 2022, Human Rights Vector conducted a study and prepared a report entitled «Communication by the Judiciary in War-Related Cases: 10 Questions and Answers» ( The report was approved by the Council of Judges of Ukraine (decision No. 33, October 6, 2022). «The recommendations developed from the results of the research should become a toolkit to complement the tools available to court communications teams. It can and should be used to inform the world about war crimes and prevent them from happening,» the decision notes. 
The recommendations of the report emphasize the importance of consistent and systematic communications in court cases related to the war in Ukraine, primarily paying attention to war crimes cases, in which there is great interest from Ukrainian society and the international community in general. The approval of the report by the Council of Judges of Ukraine confirms the judiciary's understanding of the importance of this work. 
The important strategic direction now is to develop the capacity of courts and other parties involved in covering legal proceedings related to the Russian aggression against Ukraine. With this in mind, Human Rights Vector has launched the ‘Court Communications of War Crimes Cases’ project, which was made possible by the support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) under the «Justice for All» program.
The aim of this project is to strengthen the communications capabilities of the courts, with a focus on war crimes cases. The main tasks of this project are 1) to develop principles on covering war-crimes cases for the courts of first instance and appeals, in collaboration with representatives of the communications teams of judicial bodies; and 2) to conduct practical trainings for these representatives to facilitate coverage of war crimes cases, using the developed guidelines along with mentor support, so that courts may develop their own communications strategies tailored to their needs. 
We would like to thank the team of experts who joined this project and our partners for their support. We hope for continued fruitful cooperation with judicial bodies in protecting the right to a fair trial in Ukraine.
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