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Nazarii Boiarskyi

Member of the Board

Nazarii Boiarskyi in the civil sector since 2006. Human rights defender, non-formal education trainer working both in Ukraine and abroad.

He graduated from the Vilnius University (Lithuania) (diploma with honors of Master of Laws in the specialty “International and European Law”), upgraded his qualification at the Law School of the Institute of Legislation of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (course “Legislative Activity”).

Activities in the public sector:

1. “Debate Academy”, Kyiv branch president, Vice president, President (2008-2016)

Association of supporters of debate as an educational technology. In 2007, according to the results of the All-Ukrainian Youth Rating of the Year, the "Debate Academy" was recognized as the best newly established youth organization in Ukraine, and in 2009 it became the best all-Ukrainian youth public organization of the year.

2. International monitoring committee for human rights in Kazakhstan (2012) and Azerbaijan (2014), Head of mission

During the mission to Kazakhstan, litigation related to events in Zhanaozen, media freedom, etc. was monitored. During the mission to Azerbaijan, the right to association and the situation of civil society was monitored.

3. Coalition on Combating Discrimination in Ukraine, Co-Chair (2012-2016), expert (since 2016)

The largest association of non-governmental organizations and independent experts working to protect the rights of minorities and the development of cultural diversity.

4.  International Forum of LGBT KyivPride, Member of Organizing committee (2014-2016)

The official organizer of the pride week in Kyiv, including the Equality March. In 2015 was the co-chair of the Organizing Committee.

5. Information campaign “Discrimination limits. Counteract!”, Coordinator (2015-2016)

All-Ukrainian information campaign aimed at young people on prevention and counteraction of discrimination.

6. Human Rights Vector NGO, Member of the Board (since 2016)

There are two main areas of activity: protection of the right to a fair trial and educational work for the general public and the development of higher education in the field of human rights.

7. Center for Distance Education HUMANA, Deputy Chief of Development (since 2017)

Specialized platform for distance learning on human rights and actions to protect the public interest. Operates in Russian.

Major Distinctions:

  1. Certificate of Education department of Vinnytsia city council on an entry into the City Honours Book “Golden fund of intellectual and spiritual elite of Vinnytsia”, series ВУО №278/06 from May 24, 2006.
  2. Finalist of the Annual Ukrainian Contest of best professional achievements “Lawyer of the Year” in nomination “Lawyer Student of the Year”, 2009.
  3. Nominated (in top-3) best “Young trainer - 2009” according to the Youth rating of the year.
  4. Member of the Trainers Pool of the Youth Department of the Council of Europe (since 2018) (https://trainers-youthapplications.coe.int/).
  5. Expert at the International School of Human Rights and Civic Action (since 2019) (https://www.inthrschool.org/).

Published handbooks:

  1. Boiarskyi N.F. Easy start for a debater. Handbook. Vinnytsia: FOP Danylyuj V.G., 2009 – 48pp.
  2. Boiarskyi N.F. British parliamentary format: for everyone. Handbook. Kyiv, 2009 – 32pp.
  3. Boiarskyi N.F., Naumov S.O. Using educational technique “debate” for teaching human rights. Teaching guide. Kyiv: NVP Interservis, 2009 – 132pp. 
  4. Boiarskyi N.F. Use of trial broadcasts while studying law: methodical recommendations. Kyiv: NGO “Human Right Vector”, 2018 – 44pp.
  5. Teaching through practice: experience of using trial broadcasts in teaching law / Compiled by: Nazarii Boiarskyi - Kharkiv, 2019: FOP Panov A.M., 2019. - 130 p.
  6. In the courtroom: results of all-Ukrainian monitoring of information content of the courts of appeal of Ukraine with materials that promote openness of justice and establish interaction with the media and the community, 2019 / Nazarii Boiarskyi - Kyiv, 2019 - 76 p.
  7. Courts and media: experience of cooperation. Results of a nationwide online survey of journalists on cooperation with the courts / Nazarii Boiarskyi - Kyiv, 2019 - 48 p.
  8. Court Press Services: inside view. Results of the All-Ukrainian Survey of the Communication Teams of the Courts of Ukraine / Author: Nazarii Boiarskyi, Edited by: Valerii Rybak - Kyiv, 2019 - 40 p.
  9. Legal framework to ensure the publicity and openness of courts in Ukraine / Compiled by: Nazarii Boiarskyi - Kyiv, 2019 - 94 p.

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