Vitaliia Lebid

Strategic litigation lawyer, Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union

  • From 2015 to date – teacher of the Department of International and Comparative Law of Kyiv University of Law, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
  • 2014-2015 - Lawyer of the project "Prisoners of the War" of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union
  • Since 2013 - postgraduate student of the Kiev University of Law of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
  • In 2013 received a Master's degree in International Law.

People who encounter the judicial system, without legal education, seem to get to another planet - obscure
words, unknown terms, actions and decisions. At present, in Ukraine the level of legal culture of citizens remains
low. I believe that commenting on important and resonant cases in a clear language will allow people to
understand better the lawsuit and, the same time, will contribute to enhancing both the legal culture and the
legal awareness of Ukrainian society. It was the reason why I have decided to become a court commentator for
the project "Court in human language".

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