The Supreme Anticorruption Court started its work on September 5

Human Rights Vector congratulates the Supreme Anticorruption Court on getting started!
Director of the NGO Human Rights Vector Valeria Rybak visited the opening of the Supreme Anticorruption Court. She asked some questions at the briefing:
 “The society has long waited for the creation of the anti-corruption court and has high expectations for it. It is clear that high expectations can lead to disappointment. Therefore it is important that the court develops a communication strategy. And, in fact, the question is what are the main areas of work you see in this field and which help the court needs from NGOs, including ours. ”
Here's what Eugene Kruk, the deputy chairman of SACC, answered:
«The communication strategy of the Supreme Anticorruption Court was approved on September 3 this year.»
So we are waiting for its official release! We expect an effective work and communication of the Supreme Anticorruption Court with media and public. 
Following the grand opening of the SACC, the Human Rights Vector provided the materials of our researches to Bohdan Kryklivenko, the head of the WACS apparatus.
During 2018 — 2019 we conducted a series of researches on the communication activities of the courts:
1) ''Court Press Services: An Inside View''. Some courts published a communication strategy online. We consider this a positive element of communication with media and public. More about our research can be found here —
2) “Media Openness of the Courts of Ukraine, 2018” —
3) Courts and Media: A Collaborative Experience, 2018 —
4) And a bonus for journalists and activists: we've compiled all the laws that make the court public and open in one guide here —
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