The Human Rights Vector NGO team, together with its partners, continues to work on communication of court processes and war crimes verdicts

The Human Rights Vector NGO team, together with its partners, continues to work on communication of court processes and war crimes verdicts. Administering justice in wartime is a difficult challenge but an important task that depends on whether Ukraine will be a lawful state, as opposed to the aggressor. We are extremely grateful to everyone involved in this.
In spring 2022, Ukrainian courts, undeterred by daily shelling, resumed case proceedings, recognizing the urgency of delivering justice. Despite challenges, the judicial system is striving to provide clarity on unfolding events. It's crucial to inform both Ukrainian society and the international community about ongoing developments and war crimes trials. The number of these trials is steadily rising each day.
Communicating during war crimes trials is crucial yet intricate. Mutual support and constructive cooperation between the judiciary and civil society institutions are immensely important to navigate this complexity effectively.
This year, Human Rights Vector NGO, in collaboration with judicial authorities and supported by the USAID Justice for All Activity Program, developed the «Guidelines for Communication in War Crimes Trials. For first-instance and appellate courts». This document aims to strengthen the judiciary’s capacity in communicating war crimes cases, serving as a practical guide. 
Recognizing the importance of communicating court cases on war crimes, the Council of Judges of Ukraine, through Decision No. 47 on November 2, 2023, officially approved and recommended the use of these guidelines. Courts are encouraged to implement them in various communication channels, including the judiciary's web portal, court pages, social networks, and the coverage of court proceedings related to war crimes cases.
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To ensure the practical application of prepared materials, Human Rights Vector NGO, in collaboration with the Council of Judges of Ukraine and the participation of national and international experts, conducted online training sessions for court teams. These sessions featured insights from both Ukrainian and international experiences in covering war crimes cases, accompanied by the development of effective communication tools.
Currently, Human Rights Vector is facilitating online mentoring and experience-sharing sessions for court communication teams. These sessions, led by specialists in communications and national and international law, provide assistance in addressing emerging topics and challenges in communicating trials and decisions on war crimes. If you represent a court's communication team and would like to participate in these events, please register using the following Detailed information about the events will be sent to the email address you specify in the electronic form.
Together, we will shape Ukraine’s future!
Human Rights Vector NGO conducts these activities as part of the «Court Communications of War Crimes Cases» project, supported by the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) under the «Justice for All» Program.

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