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Role of human rights defenders in eurointegration

Publication «The role of human rights defenders in eurointegration» / Zurian O. — Sakartvelo: NGO «World of Tolerance», Rybak V. — Ukraine: NGO «Human Rights Vector», 2024 — 24 p.
Ukraine and Georgia historically went hand by hand in different aspects of the state development. Both nations have faced periods of foreign domination, yet their resilience has forged enduring bonds of solidarity. Throughout history, Ukrainian and Georgian intellectuals have exchanged ideas, literature, and artistic influences, enriching each other's cultural landscapes. In modern times, these two nations have stood together in pursuit of sovereignty and democracy, supporting each other in times of political turmoil and upheaval. Despite geographical distance, the historical affinity between Ukraine and Georgia remains a testament to the enduring strength of their friendship. 

Project purpose is to combat anti-human rights narratives in Ukrainian and Georgian societies through creating a network of human rights advocacy educators. The goal of the project is to raise the level of trust to human rights defenders and NGOs and to show the importance of the above mentioned in European integration through teaching community leaders about advocacy and campaigning methods.
In this project, we conducted an online-school for local community leaders where invited experts and project team shared theoretical knowledge about the work of human rights defenders and their contribution to the European integration, as well as practical skills on advocacy and campaigning in order to spread the knowledge further in their communities. After the online-school, participants conducted follow-up workshops about ways of advocating for human rights and communicating the role of human rights defenders in the process of Eurointegration in their communities (schools, universities, minority centers etc.) with the help of school's mentors. In Georgia, the project team also payed visits to offline events organized by the school's alumni.
The project involved people who serve as focal points for their communities and have access to wider audiences, as well engaging a wide network of colleagues and supporters from non-governmental organizations and activists who pursue the same goal as we do into the large-scale advocacy campaign to bust the myths and fears of civil society, and to educate the population about the work of human rights defenders and NGOs.

The publication was made possible thanks to the project «The Role of Human Rights Defenders in Euro-Integration Processes» implemented by the NGO «Human Rights Vector» (Ukraine) in partnership with the NGO «World of Tolerance»  (Sakartvelo) with the support of the Human Rights House Foundation and funded by the European Union.

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