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In Search for Solidarity

In Search for Solidarity is a project implemented by three NGOs from Eastern Partnership countries: Human Rights Vector (Ukraine), World of Tolerance (Georgia) and Promo-LEX (Moldova), implemented with support from Human Rights House Foundation and funded by European Union. The first project cycle, In Search for Human Rights, has been implemented in 2021 and was oriented on non-formal educational activities about the history of human rights in target countries, interconnections in this regard and the footprints of human rights in historic heritage.
The project In Search for Solidarity decided to focus on the importance of international solidarity and cooperation in light of the full-scale Russian invasion to Ukraine, to draw parallels between the histories of occupation and refugees in Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova and to motivate young activists, educators, historians and media representatives to find out the history of solidarity in their own settlements. Within the project span, the consortium conducted 10 webinars on the topics of international solidarity movements, local history of human rights and solidarity, history and modern state of occupied territories, and the situation with rights of refugees. Later on, the project team conducted an interactive contest in all three countries where participants were asked to find the footprints of solidarity in their cities and villages and to submit a creative work in free form. 
This publication was produced with the financial support of the European Union. Its contents are the sole responsibility of NGO Human Rights Vector, NGO World of Tolerance and NGO Promo-LEX and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.

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