25 march 2021, 13:02
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Webinar ‘History of Global Development of Human Rights’

We invite you to the ‘History of Global Development of Human Rights‘ webinar which will take place on March 29, 2021 at 15:00 (GMT+2) (15:00 — Kyiv time, 17:00 — Tbilisi time). This webinar will open a series of online-events dedicated to the history and modern state of affairs of human rights movement and equality in the world in general and in Georgia and Ukraine specifically. Language of event — English. Duration — 90 minutes. 

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28 may 2020, 15:25
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Presentation of the trial monitoring report on compliance of courts and guardianship authorities with the child-friendly justice standards

Presentation of the trial monitoring report on compliance of courts and guardianship authorities with the child-friendly justice standards

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14 april 2020, 11:56
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Openness of a trial during quarantine period in Ukraine

The whole world, and Ukraine in particular found themselves in adverse circumstances, but justice must continue to be ensured.

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09 october 2019, 23:17
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Collaboration with State Enterprise "Judicial Information Systems"

Valeria Rybak and Nazariy Boyarsky met with representatives of the State Enterprise «Judicial Information Systems»

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09 october 2019, 17:45
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Human Rights Vector and PRAVO-JUSTICE project have a meet

Valeriia Rybak and Nazarii Boyarski have met PRAVO-JUSTICE project representatives Andriy Khymchuk and Lukash Boyarski

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17 september 2019, 12:02
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«The Case of Discrimination: How Press Services should act»

Human Rights Vector and the Social Action Center, in partnership with the Council of Judges of Ukraine, conducted a training on the Case of Discrimination: How Press Services should act.

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06 september 2019, 13:40
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The Supreme Anticorruption Court started its work on September 5

Human Rights Vector congratulates the Supreme Anticorruption Court on getting started! Director of the NGO Human Rights Vector Valeria Rybak visited the opening of the Supreme Anticorruption Court.

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02 september 2019, 12:23
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Competition of journalistic works "Trial in simple words"

NGO Vector of Human Rights announces the competition for journalistic works «Trial in simple words». National and local media reporters and bloggers covering court issues are invited to participate.

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12 june 2019, 15:37
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“Courts and the media: experience of cooperation” Results of a National online survey of journalists on cooperation with courts, 2018

Almost 69% of the interviewed journalists personally cover judicial issues. At the same time, out of the remaining 31%, almost 85% indicated that they would like to write about the judicial system in general or some trials in particular. This indicates a considerable interest of the media in this topic. Journalists wishing to devote their time to the judicial field lack: legal knowledge, the interest of the target audience in such materials, interesting court cases, the interest of the editorial staff in the publication of such materials, etc

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31 march 2019, 15:29
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V. Rybak. New mechanisms for ensuring the right to a public hearing in Ukraine

High-quality work of the judicial system is the key to the effective functioning of the entire system of government. But what if the judicial system in the country is in the doldrums? What measures can civil society take?

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