Valeriia Rybak: 75 Ukrainian courts are already broadcasting on YouTube

«75 Ukrainian courts are already broadcasting on YouTube (», Valeriia Rybak said, Director of Human Rights Vector NGO.
«Trial in simple words» project has begun working on the development of such an important mechanism as judicial broadcasts. That is to say, the opportunity to see what happens in the court for a huge number of people. «Maydan» cases became the driving force. In 2015 access to the meeting was limited due to a large number of participants in the trial and those who wished to go to court ", Valeriia Rybak said.
According to a human rights defender, online broadcasting is the first precedent for cooperation between the judiciary and the public. It was a cooperative project. Today it is already 159 cases. The 75 courts were joined.
Now, the Human Rights Vector NGO is starting to work with teachers and students to use online broadcasting in a learning prosses.

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